Cloud Hosting Management

Cloud environments are often not supported in the same way as dedicated managed hosting. This is reflected in the low costs of running cloud hosting, but it also means that you require an IT resource to maintain and manage the server. We provide this service on a monthly retainer with contract:

- Monitoring of and implementation of security patches and updates.
- Managing the overall security settings of the server.
- Administering email, FTP & database services.
- Administering SSH access.
- Managing PHP, MySQL & Apache modules.
- Managing additional language modules and custom configuration as required.
- Implementing SSL certificates.
- Monitoring the use of and availability of server resources and services.

Cloud Hosting Setup & Configuration

We can setup and configure your cloud environment for you, even if we are not carrying out the migration. The setup of cloud hosting typical includes some or all the following:

- Installation & configure operating system.
- If using Linux, install the LAMP stack - Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL etc.
- If using Windows, install IIS, ASP.NET, MSSQL etc.
- Setup & configure Firewall.
- Setup & configure mail services.
- Setup & configure spam filtering
- Check for issues & updates.
- Commence migration of services, sites etc.

Cloud Migration

We specialize in cloud migration, i.e. moving websites and mail services across hosting environments. Over the past few years we have carried out many migrations both to and from 'Cloud' hosting environments. We work with all the operating systems that are commonly distributed for installation on cloud hosting environments.

We can migrate websites, databases, applications and mail services to Cloud hosting environments. Many organizations are choosing to move these kinds of services to Cloud hosting environments now in order to benefit from reduced costs and increased flexibility & scalability. Migrating live services is a specialist task that requires careful planning and execution in order to avoid unplanned downtime or lost data. We have leading migration specialists and can ensure that your migration to (or from) the Cloud is a smooth and painless process.