Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery

Today, access to information is the key to survival. Interrupted access to data or data losses could financially impact an organization, and in some cases, leave it no room to recover. This could mean loss of business, loss of customers and worst of all, going out of business. Helping you avoid these issues in your day-to-day working and ensuring smooth flow of business processes, we provide the following business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) services:

BCP Consulting Services:

Business Continuity Planning ensures the continuity of business processes including services to customers when confronted with natural and manmade disasters. Planning ahead helps mitigate personal, operational, revenue, liability and most importantly, goodwill risk. With the growing importance of certifications like ISO27001, BS7799 and compliance with stringent regulatory norms like BASEL and SOX, Business Continuity Planning is no longer an option. It's a necessity. Our approach to IT results in cost effective Business Continuance strategies. Following are the deliverables of the BCP consulting service

1. Asset Identification & classification
It is very important for the organization to identify and value its assets. Not all the assets are critical to business operations. In the event of a disaster, the available resources should be directed towards ensuring the safety of assets that are most valuable.

2. Risk Analysis and Management
All the potential risks along with their impact on the business need to be analyzed. There must be a mitigation strategy that identifies the potential threats and puts appropriate controls in place to reduce the vulnerabilities. The organization needs to define the "acceptable risk" it is prepared to take.

3. Emergency Response Mechanism
There must be a plan and detailed procedures in place to respond in cases of emergencies. Responsibilities, resources and process must be defined in detail and communicated. Pre and Post disaster activities must be clearly identified and addressed.

4. Communication & Review
The business continuity plans have to be shared with all the stakeholders, including employees and partners, to be effective. There must also be periodic reviews to align the plans with changing business needs and objectives.

BCP and DR assessment services

Assessment services help customers refresh or review their existing BCP and DRP measures for design, completeness and overall adequacy.

Data replication methodologies:

Following major replication technologies are considered to provide the data sync
Storage to storage Replication
Host Based Replication
In System Replication (Time Finder cloning & Shadow Copy, volume copy)

The selection criteria of replication methodology based on the following requirement:

Recovery Point Objective
Recovery Time Objective


RTO (recovery time objective) is the time that elapses between the loss of access to data and the recovery of data access. The shorter the RTO, the better. RPO (recovery point objective) is the point in time when the data backup took place.
Our expertise based on the business requirement & analysis of RPO & RTO, following storage solution will help in achieving based on the organization requirement:

One way Disaster Recovery site
Two way DR Recovery Process
Three way Disaster Recovery Process

Disaster recovery consulting and implementation services:

Unlike BCP which is holistic to business, DRP is specific to Information Systems. Our vast experience and expertise helps your organization adopt the best practices in the field of BCP and DRP. We not only bring you fiscally prudent and technically sound vendor agnostic solutions, but make sure that our expertise in all layers of disaster recovery viz. network, application, database and hardware, adds value to your business.