Infrastructure Management

Remote Infrastructure Management and Support

D-Expert Solutions specializes in state-of-the-art IT infrastructure solutions, customized to address the specific needs of each organization. Once your IT infrastructure is up and running, we provide on-going support, maintenance and management, to ensure business continuity 24/7.

The IT infrastructure is the foundation of all operations in your organization. Without an effective infrastructure, you cannot develop or exchange information; build knowledge repositories; protect your proprietary, competitive data etc.

D-Expert Solutions provides the groundwork you need to develop your business. We create the optimal infrastructure for your organization and offer the professional skills and knowledge required to maintain it. Our 24/7 support service mitigates downtime and guarantees availability. We give you full confidence in your infrastructure, so you can focus on critical activities and achieve business success.

D-Expert Solutions offers the technology and infrastructure you need to securely extend your business reach across time zones and technical barriers.

Our infrastructure management services are available both on-site and remotely. We can fully support your organization, regardless of your business or market location. We can provide remote maintenance and support, whether you have a single business infrastructure or several data centers in different locations.

D-Expert Solutions takes into consideration that your IT needs may change over time. A rapidly growing organization might spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new technology infrastructure, and then outgrow this environment within a few years. We help you optimize your infrastructure and minimize expenses by offering a wide range of modular, scalable solutions, and customizing the most appropriate solution that can evolve with your organization.

D-Expert Solutions meets your performance and availability requirements with measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are tailored to your needs.


D-expert Solutions Infrastructure service portfolio includes the following services:

 - Management
 - Administration
 - Maintenance
 - Monitoring
 - Management
 - Administration
 - Performance Management
 - Tuning
 - Optimization
 - Management
 - Mailbox Administration
 - User Management
 - Management
 - Monitoring
 - Administration
 - Diagnostics and Component Services
 - Management
 - Integrity Monitoring
 - Reporting
 - Intrusion Detection
 - Disaster Event and Recovery Planning
If your organization requires infrastructure services to support growth or to ensure infrastructure stability and security, contact us now to discuss your infrastructure planning, management and support needs.