Out Source

D-Expert Solutions provides various client sites and expert outsourcing for various
purposes, such as projects, maintenance, specification, consulting and integration of IT systems
according to client needs. Our clients benefit from qualified professionals and updated the forefront
of technology and experience in various fields.
Over the years we have accumulated extensive experience in many fields in computing, communications
and information security, a fact which gives us the ability to combine multiple systems and perform
high-level integration projects.


Benefits Of Outsourcing:

- Focus on core business - Do what you do best and outsource the rest
- A skilled, professional and high quality cutting-edge updated
- A range of experts in diverse fields, ranging from hardware and infrastructure and infrastructure
  activity and passivity, Operating systems, information security, communications and other advanced systems.
- Is known and fixed cost budget planning that allows accurate
- Turnover / backup during absences professionals working (off / reserve / illness)
- Help Desk Support high-level enterprise users